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This section briefly explains what each section of the frontpage for both game page and coin page means. After reading though this section, you would be able to understand how to navigate the page and create you own strategy accordingly.

Game Page


1. Menu Bar : You can navigate to the Game Page, Coin Page, The Guide of How to Play, View Contract on Etherscan or also to View Open Source Verified Code of the smart contract

2. Change the language of the site here

3. Social Media links.

4. Takes you immediately to the invest section


Total Contribution : The total investment all players have done to date

Pool Balance : The balance of payout pool minus the Lastmen Contest pool and Contract Fees

Total Contributors : The total number of players to date


The number of Principal Tier Brackets for daily earnings (Total principal = Referral Bonus + Your Contribution)


Invest With Metamask : Players invest here with logged in Metamask/Trust Wallet

Withdraw Dividends : Click here to withdraw whatever amount that is shown in the box to your Wallet. Remember to do this frequently!


This would be your investment statistics. The figures will auto-populate once you log in with your respective Wallet

My Contribution : Your total investment and re-investment to date

Referral Bonus : Your total Tier 1 and Tier 2 Referral Rewards to date

Previous Payout : The previous automatic payout. All payouts would be 24 hours since the last payout

Referral Count : Only calculates the number of Direct (Tier 1) referrals that you have made

Total Principal : Daily earnings will be calculated on this amount. The total of My Contributions and Referral Bonus


This will be your unique referral link. There are social media platforms provided for your to share. You can alternatively click on copy and paste it somewhere else that you wish (eg. Forums, Signatures etc)


This is a simulation for you to conveniently strategize your compounding plan. You can freely key in the values below

  • Total amount of Ethereum invested
  • Period of how many days
  • Percentage of compounding (eg. 70% would mean you would DAILY reinvest 70% and keep the remaining 30% in your Wallet as profits)
  • Reset : Resets the fields
  • Calculate : Will pop up a balloon for the tabulated statistics


After clicking on "CALCULATE" this balloon will show you the following statistics

  • The total of Principal + Ethereum Withdrawn for 'X' number of days
  • Your principal will grow to the said amount after 'X' number of days
  • The total of Ethereum that you have withdrawn after 'X' number of days

Feel free to experiment with different numbers to plan your ultimate strategy!


At certain intervals of the webpage, you can instantly click on "INVEST NOW" to bring you to the investment section or "HOW TO PLAY" to direct you to this Tutorial.

Coin Page


This will be the Global Statistics for the E2D Coin.

Total Supply : Current E2D held by all players at current

Smart Contract Balance : The balance of ETH in the smart contract for liquidity

Total Invested : Total ETH that is invested and re-invested by players

Total Dividend Awarded : Total Dividend Received by all player from the games and from the E2D contract buy/sell 10% tax

Buy Price : The buy value of 1 E2D/ETH

Sell Price : The sell value of 1 E2D/ETH


Buy : Buy E2D coins with ETH from Wallet

Sell : Sell E2D coins for ETH

Transfer : Transfer E2D coins to other players (Key in Wallet address and amount)

Withdraw : Withdraw all the amount of ETH that is shown in the "Allowed to Withdraw" section

Reinvest : Auto re-invest all the amount of ETH that is shown in the "Allowed to Withdraw" section to add to your E2D total coin position

For any questions that is not answered here, please join our telegram group.

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