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*Please take note of the notation captured in BOLD in the instructions*

The previous instructions has guided to the point of creating a new Trust Wallet. This Guide will bring you through the process of creating a LocalEthereum account and buying Ethereums to start your contributions. Dont worry, it does not seem as hard as it is!

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Creating LocalEthereum Account in Trust Wallet

Opening Up Dapp Browser

Step 1 : Open up your Trust Wallet APP and press on the "Dapps" button below the screen


Step 2 : This will bring you to the Dapps screen where you are free to browse through all site and Spend and Receive Ethereum with supported projects that interacts with the Ethereum Blockchain. Yes, 200eth.com is supported! Go on and key in "localethereum.com" in the address bar on top of the page as below


Bookmarking Site Page

Step 3 : Upon entering the address, the App will bring you to the LocalEthereum page. First and foremost, we would want to BOOKMARK this site for easier access later. Go ahead and press on the 3 dots above


Step 4 : Press "Add Bookmark" and you are done!


Buying Ethereum

Tagging LocalEthereum Account to Wallet

Wait are we forgetting something? Oh yeah, we need to buy some Ethereums. First we need to tag your Trust Wallet account to LocalEthereum thus to make the process easier to Buy or Sell Ethereum straight from your Trust Wallet account! How convenient.

Step 1 : In the LocalEthereum front page, press on the 3 bars sign on the top right corner of the page. This will bring you to the login function. Press on it.



Step 2 : This will bring you to the Account Opening screen. Find the button "CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT" under Sign Up and press on it. In the next screen, go ahead and enter a Username and Email Address for communications



Step 3 : Scroll down after you have keyed in the details and you will see 4 options which you should press on the "Trust" Wallet icon. This will prompt a pop up to Sign Message. Just press "Ok" and you should be brought back to the Account Creation screen



Step 4 : Scroll down some more and you will see a CAPTCHA field. Key in the relevant letters as per your screen
(For some reason, it is quite hard to decipher the letters. If you are not sure of the set of letters that is given to you, just press the top left icon resembling 2 arrows forming a circle of the CAPTCHA letters)


Step 5 : Scroll down to the end of the page and press on "GENERATE KEY & SIGN UP" button when you have filled in everything. Please take note that if the sign up failed, you can see a red box at the bottom stating what is in error. (It could normally be the Username that you have keyed in is already taken or wrong CAPTCHA was entered). If you are successful, there will be a pop up prompting you to Sign Message for Account Creation. Press "Ok"



Step 6 : Wait, but we are not done yet. The App will further show a pop up for Declaration and Service Terms. In the first pop up, press "I declare that I am not residing in Australia" and press "CONTINUE" (If you are not, of course. If you are, you can either use the web browser to login to LocalEthereum and create an account there, or use other Wallets to invest)
In the next pop up, read the Service Terms, press on "I have read and agree on the Service Terms" and press "CONTINUE"



And we are done! LocalEthereum now has been tagged to your Trust Wallet and the Ethereum that you purchase will go straight into your Trust Wallet account. It is now time to select some sellers to purchase Ethereum

Selecting Sellers

The skill of selecting Ethereum sellers is crucial and it can be profitable if you understand how to select carefully. Take note of a few items such as the sellers' total trades and feedbacks to determine credibility. Selecting the cheapest rate is not always the case as you have to also look at the Volume that they are offering (maximum that they will trade with you). Lastly, read through the comments from the respective seller on their conditions as some could ask you to verify yourself by taking some photographs. We could not blame them for being extra cautious anyway!

Step 1 : Alright, when you are done tagging your account, you will be taken to the Buy and Sell section where you can have the choice to filter by Buy/Sell, Method of Transfer and Country. Go ahead and make your choice to filter up the search and narrow down the list of sellers available. Please bear in Mind what Fiat Transfer Methods that your country normally favours (example, for China it could be Alipay or Wechatpay or Singapore would prefer Bank Transfers etc)





Step 2 : After you have filtered down the sellers, you can now click on the names of the sellers and screen through their credibility. (Do not worry as LocalEthereum is quite safe for transactions and you will not lose funds if you do it correctly). LocalEthereum acts as an arbitrary in dispute cases and an escrow of funds.

Please also take note that the amount in the box next to the seller states how much their rate is to buy "1 ETHEREUM" as circled in BLACK and how much "Mimimum and Maximum" they are willing to sell as circled in RED



The Buying process

Step 3 : When you have the seller in mind, go ahead and press the box with the price stated and you will be taken to a screen to key in the amount of Ethereum you wish to buy. Take note that you can either key in the Fiat amount or the Ethereum amount that you choose. Then press "OPEN TRADE"


Step 4 : Once in the "Trading Screen", take note not to do anything but press on "ENCRYPTED CHAT". This allows you to safely communicate with the seller and look for any extra confirmation before the seller starts the escrow the Ethereum to the LocalEthereum escrow account.

*Please take NOTE*




[SIDE NOTE] : If you so happen to accidentally exit the trade screen, you can reopen it back by clicking the 3 bars on top right of the LocalEthereum's front page and press on "TRADES". You will see the list of your open trades and press "VIEW" on the selected trade that you would want to re-open. You will then be taken back to the trading screen

[SIDE NOTE] : You can also press on "CANCEL TRADE" if you do not agree on the additional terms of the seller (ie. identification) or "REPORT USER" if you suspect a scam (ie. asking you to transfer funds before the Ethereum is in escrow). Please take note not to abuse these both system as it is best to maintain a good and enjoyable environment within LocalEthereum.




Step 5 : Please always remember to not transfer any funds before the you see a message that the seller has funded the escrow. Always look at the system messages as the picture below and only start taking action when you see the word being changed to "The seller funded the escrow XX minute ago"



Step 6 : When the seller has funded the escrow, it is now safe to transfer the funds in the manner that both has agreed (Paypal, Bank Trasfer, Alipay etc) Always remember to "state remarks" under the fund transfer so that the seller would know the particular transfer is from you. You can enter something such as "[Your LocalEthereum Username] 28.463E"

After transferring, "please immediately press on MARK AS PAID on the transfer page"



Step 7 : Go back to the Encrypted Chat and inform the seller that you have paid and normally they would require you to furnish the proof of payment. There is a time frame where the seller will have to release the Ethereum in escrow or else the system will automatically process the Ethereum transfer to you. You will be able to see the transactions happening in real life through trading page




Step 8 : Congratulations! You have now made your first Ethereum purchase and to start earning dividends via the 200eth.com project. In the next guides, you will be taken through the few easy steps to start your daily earnings!


For any questions that is not answered here, please join our telegram group.

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