How to Mirror Trust Wallet Account to Metamask Wallet (PC)

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Step 1 : Open up your favourite browser (Firefox, Chrome or Brave)

Step 2 : Go to Metamask Official Page


Step 3 : Click on "Get Firefox Addon" *(or if you are using Chrome, click on Chrome instead)*. On the next screen click on "Add to Firefox" and click on "Add" when the confirmation balloon pops out.



Step 4 : After the extension installation, proceed to click "CONTINUE"


Step 5 : In the next screen, click on "Import with seed phrase" *(You do not have have key in your favourite password yet)*


Step 6 : The process will bring you to a screen where you need to key in the series of words that you have written down when you create your Trust Wallet Account. Please be aware that the words that is typed in needs to be in the correct order. After keying in the Seed Phrases, key in your favourite password and reconfirm the password at the box below and click on "IMPORT"


Step 7 : The next 3 steps are a series of Notices and Terms of Use. Just click "ACCEPT" 3 times. Please note that some sections needs you to scroll down in order to click on Accept.




Step 8 : Congratulations! You have successfully mirrored your Trust Wallet Account to your Metamask Wallet (PC). You should see your current balance as the same as your Trust Wallet and you are now free to Send and Receive via the Metamask Wallet as well at any sites that interacts with Ethereum Blockchain via Meatamask


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