How to Mirror Metamask Account to Trust Wallet (Mobile)

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Step 1 : Download Trust Wallet via the Trust Wallet Official Page - Trust Wallet supports both iOS and Android. For those who are unable to access the Android download and/or blocked from their respective countries, please use a VPN or download the Android APK to install Trust Wallet

Step 2 : Open the Trust Wallet APP



Step 3 : Once you open your Trust Wallet the first time, you will see the screen as below. Press on "IMPORT WALLET"


Step 4 : The following screen will prompt you to key in the seed word from you existing Metamask Wallet. Remember the set of words that you have written down when you first create your Metamask Wallet? Key those in and press "IMPORT"


Step 5 : After the previous step, you will then be brought to the confirmation screen. Just press on "DONE"


Step 6 : Congratulations! You have successfully mirrored your Metamask Wallet on your mobile via Trust Wallet. You should see your current Metamask balances and now you can Send and Receive via your Trust Wallet account on your mobile.


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