How to Create A New Trust Wallet on Mobile

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*Please take note of the important facts highlighted in BOLD*

Step 1 : Download Trust Wallet via the Trust Wallet Official Page - Trust Wallet supports both iOS and Android. For those who are unable to access the Android download and/or blocked from their respective countries, please use a VPN or download the Android APK to install Trust Wallet

Step 2 : Open the Trust Wallet APP to create a new wallet



Step 3 : You will go to the first step of the process of creating a new wallet. On the first screen, press "Create Wallet"


Step 4 : On the second screen, you will be presented with a set of words.

*IMPORTANT : Please write down these words in their order on a piece of paper and keep it sage. These words acts like the key to your bank account. If you lose it, you will either lose your Ethereum or it might get stolen by bad actors*


Step 5 : After pressing "DONE" on the previous screen, you will be prompted to repeat the seed words that you have written down. Please do so in their order. After doing that, press "DONE"


Congratulations! You have successfully created a Trust Wallet account on your mobile. Do always remember that Wallets are equivalent to your bank account. It is always a good practice to be a bit paranoid on the safety of your account.


On the next screen, you will see the wallet that you have created and the Ethereum balances in terms of USD and Ethereum units. To Send or Receive Ethereum, press on the created account and you will see the "Send" and "Receive" button. Press on "Receive" and you will be taken to the "Receive" screen with a QR code and a string of numbers and letters. The string of numbers and letters would be your receiving address of your wallet, similar to you bank account number. This is called your Public Address. You can safely give your Public Address to others so they can send Ethereum to your wallet. You can also press on the "Copy Wallet Address" to automatically copy the address in the case that you need to send Ethereums from another wallet to this.



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