How to Create A New Metamask Wallet on PC

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*Please take note of the important facts highlighted in BOLD*

*(Please take note that Metamask allows extensions in Firefox, Chrome and Brave browsers)*

Step 1 : Open up your favourite browser (Firefox, Chrome or Brave)

Step 2 : Go to Metamask Official Page


Step 3 : : Click on "Get Firefox Addon" *(or if you are using Chrome, click on Chrome instead)*. On the next screen click on "Add to Firefox" and click on "Add" when the confirmation balloon pops out.



Step 4 : After the extension installation, proceed to click "CONTINUE"


Step 5 : The next screen will prompt you to enter a password for your wallet. Key in your new password and repeat for confirmation and then click the "CREATE" button.


Step 6 : The next 4 pages would be the Identification, Terms of service and Notices, Proceed to click "NEXT" and "ACCEPT"





Step 7 : In the following screen, you will be presented with a set of words. Click on "CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS" and then click on "NEXT"

*IMPORTANT : Please write down these words in their order on a piece of paper and keep it sage. These words acts like the key to your bank account. If you lose it, you will either lose your Ethereum or it might get stolen by bad actors*


Step 8 : In the next screen, you will be asked to repeat the words that you have written down on the piece of paper. Do follow and click on "CONFIRM"


Step 9 : The next screen will show you a few options. Here, you can view your account, or if you have a Coinbase account, you can buy some Ethereum on Coinbase which would deposit the Ethereum to this wallet. For now, click on the "X" button on top.


Step 10 : Congratulations! You have successfully created your Metamask (Desktop) wallet. Note the small fox icon you see at the top right of your browser. You can click this anytime while browsing on any page and directly interact with the page that you are visiting to send or receive Ethereum.


2 ways how to obtain your deposit address

Below are 2 methods of how you could obtain your receive address so you could give this address for others to deposit Ethereum to you.

Method 1 : Click on "DEPOSIT" and then click on "VIEW ACCOUNT" on the next screen. Following that, you would be able to see your wallet address QR and the deposit address. Double click on the address and press CTRL+C to copy your address. Alternatively, you could also rename the account by clicking on the pencil icon above.




Method 2 : Just click on the address on top of your main screen as seen in the picture below. Your address will be copied instantly. Yes, it is as simple as that! :)


For any questions that is not answered here, please join our telegram group.

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