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1. Is my deposit safe?
200eth.com works the same as the above as it is developed on top of the Ethereum Blockchain harnessing the capabilities and functions of immutability, trustless and transparent manner for all your deposits. Having said that, not a single Ethereum deposits that you make lands into the Owners hands where it will be locked under the smart contract and executing itself on daily investment returns for all participants. Just treat the 200eth.com smart contract as an independent robot and does what it is programmed to do in an environment where its actions are immutable from any sort of manipulations from either third party or the Creators.

2. What will happen to my deposit?
Your deposit will be distributed as per the distribution stated in the section "Distribution" with 80% of it locked into the smart contract for the distribution of daily earnings to all players. Your deposit would not be returned but instead, you earn a daily return of 1.5%, 1.6%, 1.7%, 1.85% and 2% depending on the amount of your deposit

3. When will I stop getting my daily returns?
Daily payouts depending on your bracket is LIFE-LONG so long as the remaining pool for payout allows. The remaining payout pool would be increased with new investments. Thus it is always beneficial, to introduce others to the community. The remaining pool is transparently published within the frontend webpage and also could be viewed on Etherscan.

4. Can I trust my Ethereum in your project?
We do not require you to trust us as the project runs by itself on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. This project is built on the basis of a smart contract where you only trust a series of code that is transparently published to everyone to view and is verified. Unlike traditional projects, 200eth.com exercises an OWNERSHIP RESIGNATION where after deployment of the code, even project owners would not have control of the mechanics of it.

5. I see a potential for big returns in this program, shall I invest all my Ethereum in?
It is never a good idea to throw all that you have into anything. Remember not to invest more than you can afford to lose!

6. What will happen if the frontend webpage cease to function?
The website carries only the information function where it only collects data from the blockchain and publishes it. If for any reason, the frontend ceases to work, it will not affect the DAILY RETURNS, DEPOSITS and WITHDRAWALS beacause the interaction would be with the Ethereum smart contract, not with the frontend webpage. In this case, you could still make deposits and withdrawals from gateways such as Etherscan

7. What will happen if the Project Owners disappear?
As mentioned, 200eth.com exercises the OWNERSHIP RESIGNATION policy, where there will be no more Owners for this project after deployment of the code. 200eth.com is self-contained and all functions work autonomously, thus there will be no reliance on the Project Owners.

8. I understand that I could introduce others with the referral link in the frontend. Will I get any referral rewards from that?
200eth.com has a unique 2 Tier rewards system that records your efforts within the blockchain. Your referrals will be attached to your account indefinitely for all rounds for this project. You would get 3% on the amount deposits from your Tier 1 referrals and a further 2% on the amount for your Tier 2 referrals. You can also have a look at the referral guide here.

9. What is the difference between the 200eth.com project and the E2D coin?
200eth.com is a project where you potentially earn 2% daily on your investment amount. The E2D coin on the other hand is a coin that could be bought with Ethereum and receives dividend on the success of the 200eth.com project and from its own volume.

10. Do I need E2D coin to play 200eth.com?
The E2D coin is a separate smart contract that works as a long term project. 200eth.com on the other hand is a project that only receives and rewards Ethereum. Both are 2 different entities.

11. What is the Lastmen Contest?
This contest is a unique feature that is only available in 200eth.com. This project is the first and only project in this space to reward the last 10 places prior to the ending of each round from a pool of 4% of the total contributions ever to the 200eth.com project. There is a condition of minimum 2 Ethereum per ticket to be within the Last 10 places and the rewards is published in the frontend as well. For more information you can refer to the guide here.

12. Can I add more ETH to my current principal midway?
Yes of course, just key in the amount additional that you would like to add in the deposit field and click on INVEST. Your new principal will reflect immediately and your daily payout will increase starting from the next 24 hours.

13. Do I need to create an account to start investing?
As you are directly interacting with the blockchain and have no dependency on Project Owners, you are not required to register or verify yourself. Your Wallet will be the main identification by the blockchain.

14. Why do you only accept Ethereum? Can I invest using USD?
The Project Owners would never ask any deposits from you, thus unfortunately, USD investments are not possible. The reason why only Ethereum is accepted is because you would be interacting with the smart contract directly and not trusting any life human beings or organizations. Once again, once 200eth.com smart contract is deployed, there will be a RESIGNATION OF OWNERSHIP, hence, then there will be no Owners for this project.

15. Can I invest in 200eth.com and E2D coins directly from an exchange?
No, never invest any amount of Ethereum directly from the Wallet from any exchange as you do not own the Wallet in exchanges privately. Only invest to 200eth.com or buy E2D coins via any Wallets that you own your private keys with (example Trust Wallet or Metamask)

16. My questions are unanswered here.
For further information and questions, you may visit the TUTORIAL PAGE or join the 200eth.com Telegram Group.

For any questions that is not answered here, please join our telegram group.

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