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Welcome to 200eth.com. Here you will learn more about the underlying technology that 200eth.com was built upon and explanations on why it is totally safe to invest in the project.

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What is Blockchain

The Blockchain technology is a revolutionary breakthrough that is founded and created by an anonymous person or group by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto a decade ago. However since then, this technology has evolved into something unstoppable that could be as large as the internet and social media combined.

So what is Blockchain? Blockchain is a technology where it allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. Treat it as a large spreadsheet that is immutable, transparent and free for public viewing (public blockchains) that transfers any digital assets from Point A to Point B where the transaction process could not be tampered or manipulated whatsoever via the decentralized verification process called mining.

As all the transaction information is not stored in a centralized location or system, this creates an environment where it is impossible for any hackers or authority to temper or manipulate transactions or data.

A simple explanation of how Blockchain 1.0 works via A BBC News Explanation.

Smart Contract Explained

In the year 2015, a 22 year old programmer by the name of Vitalik Buterin decided to develop something more with the existing Blockchain technology and hence Ethereum blockchain was founded. Smart contract was essentially introduced by Nick Szabo, a legal scholar, and cryptographer in the year 1997, where he realized that decentralized technology could be used for self executing contracts.

To understand more, imagine a scenario where I have this digital asset where you would want to buy this digital asset from me with some internationally recognized mode of payment. Who would I trust? If I were to transfer the digital asset to you first, I would be afraid that you might just disappear and vice versa. However, with the introduction of smart contracts via the Ethereum blockchain this could all be solved as you would not need to trust a single person, and you could just trust the code on the Ethereum Blockchain. What both parties need to do now is just to submit the transactions of digital asset and digital mode of payment to the Blockchain and once the conditions are met, the programming code with execute itself.

With the introduction of smart contracts, mass application for almost half of the existing industry processes in the world could be revolutionized where it delivers an environment where it eliminates all centralized and middle party involvements in these processes.

A video sample the explains as simple as it gets on how smart contract works.

Is My Deposit Safe

200eth.com works the same as the above as it is developed on top of the Ethereum Blockchain harnessing the capabilities and functions of immutability, trustless and transparent manner for all your deposits. Having said that, not a single Ethereum deposits that you make lands into the hands of Owners where it will be locked under the smart contract and executing itself distributing daily investment returns for all participants. Just treat the 200eth.com smart contract as an independent robot and does what it is programmed to do in an environment where its actions are immutable from any sort of manipulations from either third party or the Creators.

Who would you like to trust to invest your deposits? A centralized party who promises the world, or a computer who is free from manipulation to handle your deposits.

Getting Ready

To participate and start earning your daily interests, you should create a Ethereum Wallet. This wallet would be the same as your bank account, lose it, and you lose your funds.

For instructions on how to create a wallet you can refer to MetaMask (PC) and Trust Wallet (Mobile).

Buying Ethereum

A detailed explanation would be available in this guide in the menu.

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