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Within this page, you will find almost everything that you need to know about 200eth.com. If you have any questions that are left unanswered from the guide below, feel free to ask in our telegram chat.

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First and foremost, all deposits should be in the unit of Ethereum. The Owners or any third parties would or should not request for any sort of other mode of deposits especially fiat (cash). As 200eth.com is a decentralized platform where there is a RESIGNATION OF OWNERS policy, the Owners would only assist 200eth.com in terms of marketing and advertisements.

You would be depositing direct to the smart contract on top of the Ethereum Blockchain and you are free in control and responsibility of your own funds and daily withdrawal amounts.

How to make a deposit (PC)

Step 1 : Open up your browser and paste the referral link that you received, or just key in www.200eth.com if you are not referred


Step 2 : You will be welcomed by the 200eth.com frontpage and the MetaMask login screen will pop up if you have not logged in. Key in your password and click "LOGIN". If you have not installed MetaMask, please refer to How to Create A New Metamask Wallet on PC. In the next pop up, click on "CONNECT" to connect your MetaMask Wallet to 200eth.com.



Step 3 : Scroll down to the Invest Section and key in the amount of Ethereum that you want to invest and click "Invest". WARNING : Please do not temper anything at the address box below.


Step 4 : A MetaMask screen will pop up. Just click "CONFIRM". For those more blockchain savvy, you can set your Gas and GWEI in this section.


You will see a notification of your deposit is being sent to the blockchain with the green pop up at the lower left of the screen.


Step 5 : Congratulations! After a maximum of a few minutes, your investment will be reflected at the section below the invest field. You can take a look at the change in the box called "My Contribution"


How to make a deposit (Mobile)

Step 1 : Open up your Trust Browser. If you have not registered a Trust Wallet or have not bought any Ethereum, you can refer to sections How to Create A New Trust Wallet on Mobile and LocalEthereum. At the bottom of your mobile choose "Dapps" and key in ther referral link on the top of the browser. If you do not have a referral link, just navigate to www.200eth.com


Step 2 : After you have entered the 200eth.com webpage, click on the 3 dots on the corner right of the page and select "Add Bookmark". This will allow for easier access in future for 200eth.com


Step 3 : Scroll down to the Invest section and key in the amount of Ethereum you would wish to invest and click on "Invest". You will be brought to the next screen. Just click on "APPROVE". For those blockchain savvy, you can click on the gear icon on the top right of the screen to adjust your Gas and GWEI accordingly.



Step 4 : Congratulations! After a few minutes while your deposit is being transacted within the blockchain, you will see the change in the bottom section of the page under "My Contribution"



1. Daily earning interests depends on the amount shown in the section of the page as "Total Principal"

2. The daily interests is based on the following conditions for total principal

ETH Amount Daily Interest
0.01 to 10 1.50%
10+ to 50 1.60%
50+ to 100 1.70%
100+ to 300 1.85%
300 above 2.00%

Note : The principal amount does add up all referral bonus received from refer efforts. Compounding daily would also add up to total principal. Once the total principal surpass another bracket based on the chart above, daily interest will be automatically adjusted to the relevant payout

3. Deposits could take up to a few minutes to reflect into your account as the Blockchain would need time for your transaction to be mined

4. Once your deposit transaction goes through, you will normally see a confirmation on the bottom right of your screen if you are using Metamask on PC. Your account balances would normally reflect the changes in principal. However, if it does not happen, refresh your browser and you should see the change

5. When a deposit is made, all uncollected daily earnings under "Estimated Interest" will automatically also be withdrawn to your respective Wallet


How to make a withdrawal (PC)

Step 1 : To withdraw the amount of returns in the system, you would just need to click on the "Withdraw" button. A pop up will appear and just click "CONFIRM".



Step 2 : After a few minutes, you would see the amount in "Allowed to Withdraw" being deducted and your Wallet will reflect the withdrawn amount.


How to make a withdrawal (Mobile)

Step 1 : Scroll down the 200eth.com page until you reach the Withdraw Dividends section. Click on "Withdraw". This will bring you to the next screen. Just click "APPROVE"



Step 2 : After a few minutes, click on "Wallet" on the bottom left of the screen and you will see the amount that you have withdrawn reflected into your Wallet



1. Uncollected interest under the section "Estimated Interest" is an information to the smart contract of how much you are allowed to withdraw from it. Treat this as your rights to withdraw from the smart contract

2. Please bear in mind that you need to CLICK ON WITHDRAW button to physically realize your daily earnings and you will see it in your wallet

3. After clicking on the WITHDRAW button, give the smart contract a few minutes and you will see your uncollected earnings residing in your Wallet

Note : If you want to be safe, make sure any amount that you wish to physically own needs to reside in your respective Wallet. Any amount that you have in your wallet remains safe and physically yours to spend as you own the private keys to it. Any amount or numbers shown is just an extraction from the Blockchain including statistics and your rights on the amount to withdraw from the smart contract


Tier Referral Bonus
Tier 1 3.00%
Tier 2 2.00%

200eth.com has a unique referral system where you would just need to distribute your unique link. When your referral deposits via your unique referral link, they would be automatically tagged to your Wallet under the Blockchain forever within the 200eth.com smart contract. For Tier 2 referrals, it works the same as the contract is smart enough to record data on your 2 Tier referral deposit amount.

Referral bonus amount works also for re-investment (compounding) by your referrals. You can see only your Tier 1 count in the section "Referral Count" under "Your Contributions" header. The section "Referral Bonus" shows to the total referral bonus you received to date from Tier 1 and Tier 2. All referral bonuses will be added to your "Total principal" thus rewarding you more in your daily earnings.

You will immediately receive your daily interest bracket percentage on the respective Tier percentage bonus.


  • Your daily interest bracket is at 1.60%
  • Your referral in Tier 1 referred someone who deposits 50 Ethereum

You will immediately receive 1.60% of 1 Ethereum (2% Tier 2 referral bonus of 50 ETH deposit)


For any amount of deposits a player invests, below is the breakdown of distribution via 200eth.com smart contract for their respective purposes

Percentage Distribution
80% Smart contract Pool
5% All E2D coin holders distributed based on their holdings
4% Retained under the smart contract for the Lastmen Contest Pool
3% For ground marketers
3% For online marketers
1% Contract fees
2% Technical Team and Founders
2% Administrative Costs

Lastmen Contest

From all the amount of contributions made by investors, a total of 4% would be retained for this event. Do take note that this retained amount would be in the smart contract the pool balance in the smart contract would include this amount. It is hard coded to provision for this 4% pool that guarantees distribution according to the condition of this event.

The last 10 places prior to the ending of a particular round would be distributed according to this set of percentage of distribution of the said 4%

Winner Percentage
Last Place 40.00%
2nd Last 25.00%
3rd Last 15.00%
4th Last 8.00%
5th Last 5.00%
6th Last 2.00%
7th Last 2.00%
8th Last 1.50%
9th Last 1.00%
10th Last 0.50

There is a condition of entry to be included into the contest of a minimum of each transaction to be at or above 2 ETHEREUM. If a contributor invests less than 2 Ethereum and is the last 10 of the list (according to Etherscan), the previous contributor who invests more than 2 Ethereum will be included and so on. If you are excluded from the list as there are 10 or more investors who contributed more than 2 Ethereum after you, you would need to invest another transaction of 2 or more Ethereum to be listed as Last Place again.

Example Scenario

Total contribution to date : 18,800 ETH 4% Pool Total : 752 ETH (4% of the above)

Investor (In Etherscan) ETH Transaction Investor (In Etherscan) ETH Transaction
Last Place 0.01 11th Last 0.0047
2nd Last 2.05 12th Last 3
3rd Last 2 13th Last 7.25
4th Last 0.5 14th Last 2
5th Last 1.2 15th Last 0.05
6th Last 10 16th Last 2
7th Last 2.01 17th Last 2.56
8th Last 1.9 18th Last 1.12
9th Last 0.02 19th Last 9.5
10th Last 15.36 20th Last 12

In this scenario, the last 10 places who wins the distribution would be as follows

Investor ETH Transaction Percent for 4% Pool Wins
2nd Last 2.05 40.00% 300.8 ETH
3rd Last 2 25.00% 188 ETH
6th Last 10 15.00% 112.8 ETH
7th Last 2.01 8.00% 60.16 ETH
10th Last 15.36 5.00% 37.6 ETH
12th Last 3 2.00% 15.04 ETH
13th Last 7.25 2.00% 15.04 ETH
14th Last 2 1.50% 11.28 ETH
16th Last 2 1.00% 7.52 ETH
17th Last 2.56 0.50% 3.76 ETH


The 200eth.com frontend page is just a representation of data from the running smart contract on the Ethereum Network. Even if there is an instance where the 200eth.com's website is unavailable for any reason, an investor can still withdraw, invest or check any statistics via the smart contract.

Etherscan.io is a trusted website where it can not onlny read data from the Ethereum blockchain and also interact with it. All data for the 200eth.com smart contract would be able available to be viewed in Etherscan.

Quick Explanation on Etherscan

The Etherscan summary works the same as a banking transaction summary where you could view all the transactions within the 200eth.com smart contract (including To and From, amount and status of transactions)


This is the main 200eth.com smart contract page

1. Transaction ID : This is the list of all transaction made within the 200eth.com smart contract. The list is in descending order and latest transactions would be placed on top of the list. The string of letters and numbers is called "Transaction Hash"

2. Contract Code : When you enter into this Tab, you will see the code transparently displayed and verified. Feel free to get assistance from any programmer if you have any to verify the trust of the code as 200eth.com is an open source project


This is a sample of transaction detail summary

1. Status : This will notify you on the status of a particular status in one of the transaction taken from the main smart contract page. For this particular example, the transaction is successfully executed. You can check on your transaction here whether is in Success, Pending or Failed status

2. Success : Whenever a transaction is successfully executed, you will see this field being populated and with a number of confirmations. Confirmations are successful verification by the Ethereum miners where the more number of confirmations a transaction has, the more secured it is within the network

3. Summary of Contract Distribution : In this particular example, the sender has sent an investment to the 200eth.com smart contract. As the this project is in a fair, trustless and transparent environment, you would be able to see transparently where the unit of Ethereum goes according to the distribution rules

Tips and Tricks

There are several strategies that you could harness when investing in the 200eth.com project. With careful planning and a good strategy, you could gain the upper hand and be successful and see good returns from your investments.

"The following guide is just an example and should not be treated as an investment advice. Feel free to plan your own strategy to realize more gains. Again, do not invest more than what you could afford to lose"

Strategies could be divided into 2 parts, or both, if you would want to see more returns :

1. Compounding daily returns
2. Working on referrals

Compounding Returns

"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it."

Albert Einstein

There are not many in this world who really understands the benefit of compounding earnings especially when the payouts is on daily basis. Fortunately, 200eth.com has included a simple calculator that allows you to calculate different strategies on compounding interests and withdrawal in their frontend webpage.

Example :

1. Player A invests 9 ETH on Day 1
2. Player A then religiously compounds all dialy interest for a total of 180 days
3. After 180 days the total principal would grow to the amount of

131.19 ETH

4. Player A starts withdrawing daily after 180 days (Now at 1.85% daily bracket) for 30 days. The calculation would be as follows :

131.19 ETH x 1.85% x 30 = 72.81 ETH monthly

That is how Player A grew his investment from 9 ETH (approx USD810 at current) to a 72.81 ETH (USD6,552) monthly returns.

Working on Referrals

The technique for working on referrals should also prove to be lucrative with a blockchain secured 2 Tiers referral mechanism. A simple math should explain how one could earn from a little or close to zero investment.

Example :

1. Player A must invest a minimum of 0.01 ETH as a conditional requirement
2. Player A refers a total of 20 players using his referral link netting a total of 200 ETH on Tier 1 (assuming each referral invests a total of 10 ETH)
3. Player A's referrals refers another 20 players each netting another total of 4,000 ETH on Tier 2

Thus calculation would be as such

Tier 1 200 ETH x 3% = 6 ETH
Tier 2 4,000 ETH x 2% = 80 ETH
Total Referral Bonus = 86 ETH 86 ETH x 1.7% x 30 days = 43.86 ETH monthly

In this scenario, Player A would be earning a total of 43.86 ETH (approx USD3,947 monthly) with little to no investment

For any questions that is not answered here, please join our telegram group.

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